A Thank You to Past Relationships

Thank You Hearts

Whether it lasted days, weeks or years, whether it turned into something lasting or faded out quickly, whether it was close to home or spanned the globe, whether we are still in touch or not… I find myself profoundly impacted by every relationship I have ever encountered.

I am convinced that one of the most beautiful things we can experience are those moments of connection with others. I imagine we are these balls of magnetic energy, moving around this world, attracting others, picking up filings, moving apart.  Sometimes the attraction is so strong you are stuck together for a while, sometimes you only touch momentarily. But to know how to retain something from every interaction means that with each encounter we grow and become better, more interesting, more complex.

Whether or not they know it, little things stay with me from each wonderful person with whom I’ve been lucky enough to experience this type of connection, and for this I will be forever grateful.

I will always remember….

the years of your love letters, your grand gestures of teenage romance, the late night conversations, the drives in your car, learning a new language, kissing you in the rain, my first time in Brooklyn, your taste in music, harmonizing with you, your hand rolled cigarettes, discovering the Cosmos, the meals we cooked, the takeout we ordered, traveling to new places together, discussing lucid dreams, the smell of your cologne, your knowledge of art, the best day ever with you, your chicken soup when I was sick, lazy sundays, the miles you drove to see me, the podcasts we listened to, the songs you wrote, the song you wrote for me, your artistic talent, your belief in me, the years of your friendship…

Thank you.

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