An Appreciation for Food


Cheddar Scramble at Bakeri in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

There’s something so lovely about a beautifully presented meal.

My mother was never afraid to use good dishes to present the simplest food. Whether we had guests over or it was just a typical Tuesday evening, everything from bread to salad and sides were presented in their own bowls on the table, despite the pile of dishes it inevitably created. Even snacks like hummus and chips were never eaten out of the bag or the plastic container, they were put in separate bowls and refilled as necessary. There is something about this action that portrays genuine appreciation and respect for the food, which I now replicate in my own life.

We all need to eat, but it’s one of those actions that is easy to take for granted, to rush through. But when food is presented with care, it elevates the experience and reminds us that eating is not only a necessity, but a pleasure. Simple ingredients and simple meals deserve the same respect as complex gastronomic creations, and in a world where so many people go hungry, it seems all the more important to give proper appreciation to the food that sustains us.

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