Recline | Outline

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He was shy. An awkward freshman. He took off his glasses self consciously and sat for the class and within a matter of moments, without pen leaving page, he became my favorite drawing.





Today seems an appropriate time to reflect on changes – the coming of spring, death and birth, and the beauty of the ever-growing / ever-dying nature of life. Things come and go, and we all experience our own personal seasons of work, relationships, interests and passions. The only constant is change, and the sooner we embrace it the sooner we’re able to meet each new experience with a completely open mind.

I am not a particularly religious person, but I can get behind egg decorating. And brunch.

Chaos, Organized

I am partial to the beauty of recurring patterns, organized chaos, geometric shapes, thoughtful clutter, complimentary colors, intentional placement, visually pleasing, balanced design, & controlled randomness.


 Snapshots from a museum