In The Know | #10

A weekly roundup of interesting, inspiring, delicious and beautiful things that I’ve stumbled upon recently.

Listen:  Paperwhite
I first heard the Brooklyn “Dream-Pop duo” Paperwhite at OTB Live, the intimate performance featured in last week’s In The Know (#9).  Live, they performed a stripped down version of 4 of their songs, which was a great introduction to their music, and Katie’s vocals. My favorite song of the evening Take Me Back reminded me of Haim, and I was hooked.

Read:  A Founder of Secret, the Anonymous Social App, is Shutting it Down | NY Times
An article about the most recent company to start, raise millions, and then shut down. With a lifespan of a mere 16 months, Secret represents the faddish nature of so many startups who raise money and initial buzz, only to be nonexistent in a matter of months. But to me, this article also represents a more disturbing trend. One of the reasons usage of the app declined and eventually shut down, was the amount of trolling and cyber-bullying that it promoted. But seeing how it began as an anonymous app with the intention of being “an outlet for people to speak honestly about things that would otherwise result in career damage” – was anyone really surprised that this concept would attract people with hateful, negative things to say? I see an increasingly frightening disconnect between smart people with great ideas who are apparently oblivious to the fact that much of todays technology can be used for just as much bad as for good… Ah, but thats a rant for another day.

Watch:  Questions No One Knows the Answer To | TED Talk by Chris Anderson
We know the answers to more about our universe than we ever have as a human species. Yet there is still SO much that we know absolutely nothing about… and will probably never know. That might be frustrating for some people, but I find it fascinating. We know so little –there’s so much to learn, to question, to wonder at!  This TED talk puts life into perspective, and helps illustrate (literally!) the unknowable questions all around us.

Taste:  Nitecap
Small, dim, intimate cocktail bar under Schapiros restaurant in the LES. The coolest menu design I’ve seen includes a huge drink list, food, plus fun + games to entertain yourself while waiting for your date. If you still don’t know what to order with all the options on the menu, ask the bartender to whip you up something special and you won’t be disappointed.

Explore: The Dean
A recent addition to Providence, Rhode Island is The Dean – a design conscious boutique hotel that seriously ups the cool factor of my little hometown city.  Set in the perfect downtown location, it’s the best way to explore all that The Best Small City has to offer. Weekend getaway, anyone?

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