In the Know | #4

In the know 4

A weekly roundup of interesting, inspiring and beautiful things that I’ve stumbled upon recently.

Listen:  Aurora
I am absolutely blown away by this young Norwegian singer. Her voice is powerful yet delicate, and she conveys a sense of depth and maturity far beyond her 19 years.  Her artistry is visible in her video for Runawaywhich is a beautiful compliment to her vocals and somehow succeeds in reflecting both her youth, and an old soul.

Read:  What Does it Mean to Drink Like a Woman?  |  Shanna Farrell  |
Since I’ve spent the last week inviting people to drink whiskey with me this Friday at an event CityBird is co-hosting with Whersky,  it’s only fitting that this week’s In the Know includes an article on the topic of whiskey, women and a little about the history of bartending.  Seeing how “women account for the fastest-growing segment of worldwide whiskey consumers” these days, we’re certainly challenging the stereotypes of chardonnay and appletinis.  And it’s about dram time.

Watch:  Unlocking the Truth | The Avant/Garde Diaries
Another oldie but a goodie. How refreshing to see these two kids, pursuing their passions, so true to themselves at such a young age! For all the times I worry what the future will look like as kids grow up surrounded by technology, I am proven wrong when I see boys like these (or girls like Aurora) who are so wise beyond their years, likely due to their exposure to so much, to such a range of influences and ideas beyond their neighborhood, city or country.

Taste:  Lam Zhou – Chinatown, NYC
Don’t be fooled by the completely nondescript storefront and chipped linoleum tiles. This is THE real deal when it comes to fresh, hand pulled noodles and dumplings in Chinatown. Leave Prosperity Dumplings to the tourists. You thought $1 for 4 dumplings was a steal? Try 10 for $3.  Plus, the beef noodle soup is served with a generous serving of fresh bok choy, tender beef and noodles that you can literally watch (or hear) being made (yes,  the loud slapping noise in the back is your food).

Explore: Ello
Newbie social network Ello has only been around since September, but according to some cynics it’s already finished. Au contraire I say, it’s only just beginning. Despite what the writers at TechCrunch and Facebook employees would like to think, Ello is not trying to be a new Facebook, a fact that is evident from the moment that you begin using the site. Ello functions more as a social blogging network, and is a great discovery tool. The majority of the users are designers, photographers, artists and others looking for a platform to display their work, share, get feedback, and be inspired by others. Lets be honest, Facebook serves a different function. Namely, keeping a list of your friends and random people you met once at that place way back when, storing photos, and being flooded with cat videos your crazy aunt posts daily.

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