In The Know | #5

A weekly roundup of interesting, inspiring and beautiful things that I’ve stumbled upon recently.

Listen:  Shura – 2Shy
I love dreamy 80’s ballads, and this new song by Shura sounds like a throwback to a different time. With her whispery vocals, “we were trying to find a way to say hi that didn’t seem strange but it didn’t work out / maybe that was just the way it felt to me”  she evokes nostalgic for teenage romance and the awkward shyness that comes from having a crush on a friend. Is there anything more timeless than that?

Read:  Can the World Get Richer Forever?  |  BBC 
Economic growth isn’t sustainable forever.  But are we focusing on the wrong metrics? According to most governments, the solution to poverty is more “growth”, more jobs, more money flowing through our economy. However, between what this growth is doing to our planets natural resources and the fact that this growth has not solved issues of poverty, increased life satisfaction or happiness levels of people in even the wealthiest countries – could we be wrong? Vandana Shiva has a great quote in this article that emphasizes a need to redefine our definitions of wealth. Bonus follow up article: Why The GDP Is Not A Good Measure Of A Nation’s Well-Being

Watch:  Mixtape | Luke Snellin
A sweet short video inspired by one of the most classic expressions of early 90’s romance – the mixtape.

Taste:  Lodge – Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Lodge is a long time favorite for brunch in Williamsburg, in no small part due to their spicy, boozy 2-for-1 bloody marys. Many a Sunday have been spent here with friends, especially in the summer where they open the windows and add outdoor seating. Though the food has undergone a few transformations, the fried chicken sandwich, egg sandwich, and pulled pork sandwich remain a few of my personal favs. On the sweeter side, their french toast or pancakes are also delicious and come in massive proportions – dare you to finish it!

Explore: Gabriel Dawe – Plexus Installations
Beautiful, elegant multicolored string installations by Gabriel Dawe, that give the impression of light shining through a prism. From galleries to stairwells, I love the way his work adds a delicate touch of color, and how – like light shining in different ways in different spaces – each installation is unique.

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