In The Know | #6

InTheKnow6A weekly roundup of interesting, inspiring and beautiful things that I’ve stumbled upon recently.

Listen:  Francis and the Lights – For Days
I was listening to this song on the bus, and someone tapped me on the shoulder and asked “excuse me, is that Francis and the Lights?” Just the beat coming through my headphones was enough for them to recognize the distinctive style. I like the juxtaposition of the apocalyptic lyrics, packaged in a pop song “I’d never say I wish that it would happen/ But in a way I wish it would / If there was just an airstrike / Or a natural disaster / You could have been mine”.  His various albums and songs have different styles and influences, yet there is an unmistakable sound that is uniquely his own. Plus, the man can dance.

Read:  Living Off The Grid  |  Flint Magazine 
In this interview, Michael Brown – a Kansas City portrait artist – shares his story of pursuing his art, consciously choosing to be homeless and living “off the grid”.  After 15 years of working at an unfulfilling job just to pay the bills, he chose to leave his apartment, sell his car, his furniture and focus on his art.  “You realize that it takes very little to survive in life and the time most people spend on the bells and whistles in life to keep up with the Joneses or with society, you see the foolishness of it all… You see life on its basic level… You understand real quick what is important to have and what is a complete waste of time.” His answers are incredibly insightful. He speaks about the importance of not getting comfortable relying on others, and the way that people both inspire and disappoint. His definition of happiness and statements about travel and experiencing the world are eloquent, and very much in line with my own beliefs. An inspiring read.

Watch:  Ballet Meets Robotics | the making of Francesca Da Rimini
The story of Francesca Da Rimini is told through the dancing of San Francisco ballet principal dancers Maria Kochetkova and Joan Boada. Captured by a robotic camera, this piece was designed as an experiment in synchronizing dance with Robotic motion. Ballet Meets Robotics is the behind the scenes video describing the making of the first piece, giving a deeper insight into the complexities that go into the making of something that looks so effortlessly simple.

Taste:  Creamy Cauliflower Garlic Rice – Pinch of Yum
This genius recipe takes a vegetable as healthy as cauliflower, and turns it into something decadent (yet guiltless). When made with rice as the recipe suggests, it becomes a sort of creamy risotto, and a great base for additional vegetables or meat. The texture of the cauliflower on it’s own is kind of like a mashed potato, so most recently I made just the pureed cauliflower as a side in place of a starch, to go along with salmon and spinach. It. Was. Awesome. So many possibilities!

Explore: The Hunt NYC
I stumbled into The Great Frog on Orchard Street a couple weeks back, drawn in by the motorcycle I saw, and lo and behold discovered there was yet another shop inside called The Hunt, filled with all sorts of curated oddities and objects. Besides a selection of pricey antiques (everything from aviation goggles and bookends, to taxidermy and vintage photos), The Hunt is also a design firm that can be hired for interior decor and custom design work. The fact that it’s located in the back of another shop makes finding this place a bit of a hunt in itself, and was a welcome surprise to discover.

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