In the Know | #7


A weekly roundup of interesting, inspiring, delicious and beautiful things that I’ve stumbled upon recently.

Listen:  Broods – Bridges
Clearly I have a style of music that I gravitate towards, and Broods encompasses the best of it. All their music I’ve listened to so far is great, but Bridges has been a consistent favorite. Ethereal female vocals, sweet intro, exploding into a complexity of layers and beats – rinse and repeat.

Read:  Interview with Clayton Cubitt  |  The Great Discontent 
I’m fascinated by interviews with creative people, talking about their journey and how they “figured it out” or pursued their path, usually against significant odds. A photographer and filmmaker who has shot for the likes of Vogue and Rolling Stone, Clayton Cubitt’s story involves all the key elements – a nomadic childhood with a single parent, finding creative ways to sell his art to classmates when he was young, leaving home at 16 to make it on his own and eventually moving to New York City to fulfill his dream. There’s a lot of good stuff in this article, and I’m especially inspired by the line “I want to take the long-road approach to what I do. What I’m doing is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. I’d rather focus on what’s meant to be, what’s organic and real, than chase trends or cash.”

Watch:  LøV – Vanessa Bruno
This short fashion film featuring Kate Bosworth is a visual delight. The images alternate between strange movement, various locations and gorgeous scenery, subtly featuring the clothing without making it the focus. The part with the tree by the lake and mountains is stunning, and reminds me very strongly of a dream I once had. I wish more fashion brands would utilize art and video instead of traditional campaigns.

Taste:  Black Tree
Known for it’s sandwiches and cocktails, this spot in the Lower East Side sources all it’s food from within 50 miles. Besides the staples on the menu, each week features a different meat or ingredient. Last week was chicken, so I had to try the Tree-Fil-A which included pickled lettuce and some kind of delicious sauce on toasted thick cut bread. The image above is their Winter Pig Sandwich, a staple on the menu (and probably my next meal!)

Explore: Shut Up Claudia
I recently discovered the work of Claudia Alexandrino, a Portugese artist living and working in Milan. Her whimsical illustrations feature bright colors, snarky remarks and naked people. Whats not to love? I am inspired by her playful style, and hope to have a piece hanging on my wall someday, even if I have to travel to Milan to get it!


  1. Francheska April 6, 2015

    Love, love, love your blog! I will definitely be checking out all of the above, especially the short fashion film! xoxo 🙂

    • April 14, 2015

      Thank you so much Francheska! xx


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