In The Know | #8


A weekly roundup of interesting, inspiring, delicious and beautiful things that I’ve stumbled upon recently.

Listen:  Wet – Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl
Mellow, sad and beautiful. Slow jam anthem of anyone who’s ever wanted to say “You can’t do me right // So I decided that // I don’t wanna be your girl no more”

Read:  The Lefsetz Letter – Catalina on Shark Tank
If you’re wondering Who The Hell is Bob Lefsetz, he’s a former music industry nobody, who began writing his opinions on the industry and has subsequently gained the respect (and wrath) of hundreds of thousands of people who subscribe to his newsletter. Besides music, he writes about technology, culture, and society as a whole. The thing is, he’s spot on in most regards, which attributes for his large following (and the haters). “Catalina on Shark Tank” is one of my favorites, as it touches on some of the same ideas about intelligence as this recent piece I wrote. There’s something I really like about Bob. You don’t need to have made it big to have a valid opinion. You just need to be right.

Watch:  The Now – Ray Collins
A short video on the photography of waves, as captured by Ray Collins, an Australian coal miner turned photographer. Being colorblind, it’s especially interesting to hear how he looks for the changes in light, the shape, and the dark vs. light instead of color.  His transition from coal mining – a job that could not be further from photography and the ocean – to the present day awards and accolades for his creative work is inspiring. Who knows what hobby or passion of ours could blossom into something utterly unexpected?

Taste:  Cheeky’s
There are only good things to say about this New Orleans inspired spot, and their sandwiches. The best kept “secret” of the LES, everyone who stumbles upon this tiny unassuming shop, or is referred there by a friend feels like they’ve just been initiated into a secret society of serious sandwich lovers. Two guys man the counter, one taking orders and the other crafting the most perfect mouthwatering delights, like fried chicken on a biscuit and braised short rib on challah.

Explore:  Uprise Art
A super cool startup for the next generation of art collectors. Uprise Art boasts an incredible selection of work by the best contemporary artists, showcases them in their online gallery and through various events and exhibitions, and makes it easy to purchase the work or give it a “trial run” by paying through monthly installments. Their gorgeously curated website even includes a peek inside the homes of some of their collectors, which serves as both artistic and interior inspiration.

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