In The Know | #9

A weekly roundup of interesting, inspiring, delicious and beautiful things that I’ve stumbled upon recently.

Listen:  Laura Mvula – She
Recently came across British singer-songwriter Laura Mvula, and was enchanted by her powerful voice and often orchestral arrangements.  Drawing from her acapella and gospel backgrounds, She is one of my favorites, starting off delicate and dreamy, mostly acoustic with a choir in the background, almost hymn-like. As it progresses, it layers and gains complexity for a moment, before returning full circle and fading out as gently as it began.

Read: How One Stupid Tweet Ruined Justine Sacco’s Life | NY Times
I just finished Jon Ronson’s book, So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed. This NY Times Magazine article he wrote was what initially sparked my interest, as it covers three case studies of individuals profiled in the book.  I’m not even on Twitter, and I remember the Justine Sacco debacle well – that’s saying something. Really interesting look at the psychology of “public shaming” via social media and the destruction it causes in the lives of those who have unwittingly found themselves on the receiving end of it.

Watch: American Shokunin | Ryan Bush
A beautiful video about the art of Bonsai. Ryan Neil talks about his work, the similarities between trees and humans, and being a “master” at your craft.  An elegant look at the intricacies this incredible art form.

Taste:  Cafe Clover
Beautiful design, delicious food and elegant branding. I am shocked that Cafe Clover isn’t hyped more, though the fact that it’s recently opened (January 2015) means there’s still plenty of time for word to spread. Far from touristy, it was filled with what felt like the most in-the-know crowd in the village. Though you wouldn’t guess it from the flavors and variety, each item on the deceptively healthy menu is vetted by a nutritionist first – one of many reasons to return.

Explore: OTB Live
Brooklyn art and sound design studio One Thousand Birds hosts it’s monthly OTB Live series at it’s Bushwick location. Three local bands (new or established) play sets of 4 songs each with breaks in between for food and BYO drinks. Launching in SF soon, it is an evening full of great people, great food, and great music.

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