When your life flashes before your eyes

Walking down E. 11th street, I was almost hit by a cab.  The driver started apologizing profusely, but the adrenaline rush that comes with a near death encounter (or the threat of making me late to a happy hour) did not put me in a forgiving mood.Like a good New Yorker, I just continued on walking (aint nothing gonna break my stride) shaking my head and thinking back on the podcast I had just listened to that morning about Schrodinger’s Cat and the many worlds theory. Maybe in another dimension there is a world in which that was it for me, my final moment, crossing the street in New York City?

How quickly things can change!  All it takes is one person on their phone running a stop sign. I have never been the type of person to hold off on pursuing my dreams because of “shoulds” or “can’ts”, and  I’ve never been more grateful for that then in the following moments where I crossed 1st Ave and came face to face with big bold scrawling red graffiti that said:”WHEN YOUR LIFE FLASHES BEFORE YOUR EYES, WILL IT BE WORTH WATCHING?”

Yes, I think it will.


  1. ben tippett December 11, 2014

    when the universes branched those several moments before
    I’m glad you ended up in the good one.

    • micahclaspertorch@gmail.com January 29, 2015

      Thanks Ben! Me too 🙂


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