Work With Me

I believe in the power of a positive first impression. You are doing amazing work, and you deserve to have that reflected from the first interaction someone has with your brand – be it a website, business card or in-person event. In this day and age, “branding” has become important across all platforms, both personal and professional. With an increasingly design-conscious and discerning consumer who will indeed judge a book by it’s cover, you cannot afford to have your first impression reflect anything less than the quality you provide.  

corporate events | launch parties | marketing + pop-up events | dinners + cocktail parties

– Conceptualization, research and execution of on-brand events or collaborations
– Creative spaces to host your event
– Strategic partnerships or sponsors
– Marketing strategy + setting event goals
– Day-of event coordination
– Follow up and assessment


print + promotional materials | layout + resume design | blog + website design

– Mood boards / Defining your company + your target audience
– Logo design that reflects your branding goals
– Clean, creative layouts that showcase you and what you do
– Creating a consistent look and feel across all web and social media platforms


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